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Service Questions

Question: How long does it take to create an account?
Answer: Once you confirm your email address works, you have Instant Access! For PRO accounts, as soon as you have made payment you will be directed to our sign-up page. So within a matter of minutes you're ready to get started. You also have to confirm the email address you are using on the Account set-up.

Question: How many follow-up emails can I create?
Answer: With our PRO service, you get Unlimited Messaging! Some services claim to give you unlimited follow-up, but we have never seen one that actually does. For the Beginner Free service you have 10 spaces to add messages.

Question: How many autoresponder accounts do I get?
Answer: With the PRO service you choose the number of accounts you want and the time duration. With the Beginners Free Service you receive 2 accounts with 10 messages each for 1 year.

Question: How do prospects request information?
Answer: They will either an e-mail over the Internet or request information from a form you create using our Form Maker tool which you place on your web site.  It's easy to set up, and automatic from there.

Question: How do I set the system up?
Answer: You will use our menu driven point and click web based control panel.  It is Very User Friendly! Powerful enough for the Pro user, and Simple enough for the Beginning User. All of the forms are set up to easily create your outgoing messages and there is a detailed Video Tutorial, which you are free to view Here.

Question: Can I send broadcast messages to my database?
Answer: Yes, if you have a Paid Account! There are No hidden fee's like some of the other services either. We allow you to send an unlimited amount of Broadcasts every day if you want. You can also Schedule your Broadcast for a future date. The System also allows Split Mailings! You can send a special message on Holidays, Discount Coupons, Sales, Annoucements, whatever will help you generate the sale in addition to the regular messages your database is receiving.

Question: Do I have to manually remove people who no longer want my messages?
Answer: No, every message has a Removal link at the bottom. However, if you get a message asking to be removed, double check your account to remove them manually, it's just a click. They may not have seen or used the removal link provided.

Question: What happens if they click Reply to the Automated Message?
Answer: The autoresponder message shows that it is coming From your regular email. When they click on Reply, the message will be sent to your email, not the autoresponder.

Question: How long can my messages be?
Answer: Each message can be as long as you like.  There is no practical limit.

Question: Can I personalize my messages?
Answer: Absolutely, we provide 22 Personalization Tags, besides the Custom and Demo Questions you can add. You can have the system automatically enter the prospects first or last name or both in the subject line of your response AND anywhere in the body of the message.  You can use the Custom Question tool and have your messages really hit home using Their Answers! Plus several other personalizations by utilizing some simple codes we give you! This feature alone will explode the response you get from your marketing.

Question: Can I use borderline Spam, Bulk Mail or regular Spam techniques with the autoresponder account?
Answer: Absolutely NOT! We have strict Spam policies. Please read our Policies page as well as, the Privacy page! If in doubt email us! You could lose your account and be responsible for monetary damages.

Question: Can I use the system in conjunction with my Free Ad marketing?
Answer: Yes and No. You can not use your autoresponder address as the reply address because all of the Free Ad Responses will create a loop of mail going back and forth. This may cause the server to crash which is in violation of our Policies. You could however place the autoresponder address in the body of your ad. But be very careful as any violation would cause your account to be canceled as well as possible monetary damages.

Question: How long will my Free Account be good for?
Answer: We have implemented a 1 year Free use limit. After that you will have to either upgrade or lose your accounts. We do this so that the server doesn't get bogged down with orphaned accounts.

Question: What if I decide I don't like the system?
Simply log-in to your Paypal account and cancel your subscription. If you are within your 30 day guarantee period, send support an email and we will refund all of your money - no questions asked. We appreciate your giving our service a try. If it is after the 30 day guarantee time, and you are on a monthly service, your account will be canceled ending before the next payment. If you purchased one of our bulk-time services, for example our Annual service, you will be charged a pro-rated fee of $15.00 monthly for the months used, and refunded any unused portion of the fee paid, again, just send support an email.

Question: Do you offer HTML enabled Messages?
Answer: Yes we do! We even give you templates to use, and an eBook outlining the basics of creating HTML copy. We have tested the readability of the messages on all major email programs, such as Outlook, Pegasus, Eudora, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Netscape. They look very professional! You can do a test by filling out the form at the top of our Main Page.

Question: Are my lists and data safe?
Answer: Absolutely!  Unlike other services we do double back ups. The server is backed up everyday and we back up your data from the server several times a week, as well. HOWEVER, we are not responsible for database losses. You should utilize the "Export Subscribers" in the Client panel and back up your list to your own hard drive frequently.

Question: Is my prospect information kept on the system?
Answer: Yes, all the information sent to your autoresponder is kept in your personal database.  You and only you will be able to access the information in your database.

Technical Questions

Question: I put up a Form using the "Get Sign-up Form Code" link, and put the form on my webpage, but when I test it, it sends me a page not found error. What's wrong?
Answer: You cannot modify the form code in anyway! You can move the fields around to your preference, but ALL of the code is required. If you set the Redirect link, it cannot be to any page on EZNetGroup.net, just put the webpage you want the form to redirect to after your customer fills out the form. This could be a thank you page, redirecting them to another site, or back to your home page.

Question: I want to upgrade from a Free account, how do I do it without losing my autoresponder name, letters I have added or the database?
Answer: After you have paid for the service you want, simply email Support and let us know your Main Account name and you'll be Upgraded to the paid account you chose.

Question: I currently have a paid month to month service, but it is obvious that using one of the bulk time services will save me lots of money. How do I upgrade to say an annual service?
Answer: It's EASY! Go ahead and purchase the service you want, and then cancel the previous Subscription you had in Paypal. Everything can be handled right within Paypal! Upgrading and Removing the Prior Subscription.

If we didn't cover a question you have here, please email us as we will be happy to answer your question and then add it here. Just click the "Contact Us" link below.

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