Automating Your Business So YOU Can Spend Time On The Important Things!

What is an Autoresponder?

An Autoresponder is an e-mail address. It is also an automated function with which you can send Initial and Follow-up Messages to your Customers. In addition, an Autoresponder gathers and reports to you and everyday all the email addresses of the messages it has already received.

If you are familiar with a Fax-on-Demand (someone pre-loads a document and you call to retrieve it from a fax machine) the concept of the autoresponder is the same. When you send an email to an autoresponder address, within a few minutes you will receive back an email containing any message the owner put into it. This is a Powerful Marketing Tool!

In details:

Your initial message:
You predefine the message you want to be delivered to your customer and your Autoresponder takes care of the rest. When your customer sends any e-mail to your Autoresponder, your Autoresponder Automatically e-mails him back with your predefined message.

Your follow-up messages:
Autoresponders can deliver your follow-up messages to your customers 100% Automatically.

Here is what Autoresponders can do for you:
You predefine the messages you want to be delivered to your customers. You program the days you want each message to be delivered. That's it! Your Autoresponder will deliver your follow-up messages to all customers in the way you want and to every new customer.

Your opt-in list:
This is how Autoresponders can increase your sales: if your customer feels satisfied by what you offer they will respond positively to your follow-up offers. This procedure is 100% automated and you get more sales while your opt-in list grows bigger! You Do Nothing! Autoresponders Do The Job For You! They help you build your name as a Brand, they build your credibility and familiarity so people get to know you, like you and trust you!

No spam

Autoresponders can also inform your customers about unsubscription options from your opt-in list. This way you don't need to include it in your messages. The link is there for them to easily click and unsubscribe. That is the difference between Spam and Direct Targeted Email Marketing!

How You Can Use Autoresponders?

You can use Autoresponders in various and useful ways. Put your imagination to work and exploit all benefits of your Autoresponders!

    Here are some examples:
  • Offer a synopsis of your web site.
  • Offer descriptions of your products.
  • Create a FAQ and put your Autoresponder in Action!
  • Describe your services.
  • Distribute your special information.
  • Provide a special URL for downloading.
  • Distribute your newsletter.
  • Give away your .txt book.
  • Send your free report.
  • Put the list of your Autoresponders in your signature file and use it for any email you send!

Why to use Autoresponders:
Be Smart!
Why not automate the job? Create the Autoresponders you need and be competitive in the market and on the Internet. Do not forget: you pay Nothing, you earn a lot!

Autoresponders are simple to use! Your contacts send an e-mail and they get your response Instantly! Autoresponders comply with all e-mail programs.

Save Your Money! Use Free Autoresponder and forget phoning, fax-backs or snail mail. Your Autoresponder will send the same information to millions and In Seconds!

Automate Your Job! Autoresponders work 24 hours per day, 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year! Autoresponders respond instantly!

Create Unlimited Autoresponders! Can you serve 100 customers at the same time? No! Autoresponders can! Correspond each Autoresponder to a subject and create a list of subjects with your Autoresponders ready to respond to the queries of your customers in seconds!

Communicate with your customers! Autoresponders can provide Huge Information in Seconds. You define the information, you program the days of delivery and Autoresponders do the rest!

Satisfy Your Customers! Autoresponders can process a huge volume of responses daily. No more waiting on hold. Instant answers. Endless options.

Send anything you want! Use your imagination and exploit the power of the Autoresponders.

Become Recognized World-Wide! Time differences do not matter! Autoresponders do not sleep! Create a name for yourself and increase your sales!

For the beginning internet marketer, getting e-mail from prospective customers is exciting. After awhile, however, as your business grows, the burden of responding to e-mail grows and you will begin to get pressed for time. Just reading it all gets tough, much less responding to it all.

The key to becoming a successful online marketer lies in the ability to save time with multiple or recurring marketing tasks. You will want some way to automate at least some of the e-mail chores for repetitive e-mail inquiries for which the answers always contain the same information, such as requests for more information on your product or business.

This is the information age. People want what they want, and they want it NOW. To keep them as customers or prospects, you've got to give it to them. Fax machines, e-mail, fax-on-demand, and .....autoresponders. These are interested prospects, worthy of follow-up. It is up to you to turn them into a customer. You need to do it while they still have YOU on their mind!

You want to make sure you check the body of incoming autoresponder requests for any additional or specific requests for more information and reply to those as soon as possible. You can also tell your prospects that they are requesting information from your autoresponder in your advertisement which (1) tells them that they are going to get immediate information from your autoresponder and (2) implies that they are not to expect a personal response.

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