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Baiting the Hook
How Autoresponders Help You Reel In Customers

I often visit e-commerce sites, not really looking to buy at the time, but simply for something to do. If I happen upon a site that catches my interest, I usually sign up to receive information about promotional offers. I may not feel like buying at that exact moment, but I will eventually. If I am notified of a special offer on the right day, I will buy without hesitation.

Think about the way most websites are structured. They go for the hard sell. They want you to buy right then and there. However, only about 10% of people are true impulse buyers. The rest of us need some time to think about making a purchase.

That is where autoresponder messages come in. When you include a section on your site offering free information or special offers, people will often give you their email address. That gives you the upper hand.

Once someone has willingly given their email address, requesting more information, your autoresponder system can send them an email every few days, or even every single day. They are constantly reminded that you are out there.

Autoresponder messages and reminders also make it easier for a potential customer to buy from you. They check their email and find a message from you, complete with a link to your site. If they have decided they are interested in what you are offering, they can simply click on the link and be taken directly to your site.

And don't settle for just one autoresponder account. Most businesses need several. For example, if you are a networker, you need at least three: one to recruit new members, one to sell your products, and another to train new members.

Remember, the #1 reason why Internet marketers fail is that they don't do any follow-up. People won't sit around thinking about your site or product all day. Their memory of wanting your product may drift to the back of their mind and sink into to the bottom unless you remind them you're out there.

Don't just let your fish off the hook without a fight. Include a section on your website offering to send visitors more information. And keep sending them reminders and special offers. Eventually, they will bite.

And here's a BONUS tip: Always offer your autoresponder in your Ads, then give them the website address in the first message. You accomplish two things: first, you are building a very targeted opt-in list, and second, you're able to consistently follow-up with the prospect so they don't forget about you or your offer.


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