Automating Your Business So YOU Can Spend Time On The Important Things!

Marketing Online Made Easy

Amazingly enough, there are still many people trying to market a product, or service, online who do not know how to automate much of their work.

For the beginning internet marketer, getting e-mail from prospective customers is exciting. After awhile, however, as your business grows, the burden of responding to e-mail grows and you will begin to get pressed for time. Just reading it all gets tough, much less responding and Following-up to it all. You Do lose track of who needs what, when.

The key to becoming a successful online marketer comes with getting the prospect the information they want to them FAST, and in YOUR Follow-up! The biggest downfall for many marketers is that they don't follow-up consistently or long-term. By automating your follow-up system for some of your e-mail chores you have hired an automated assistance. Setting up a Series of letters that gets your prospect talking with you, and going to your website. Then, following up after they become a customer is imperative to your long-term success on the Net. For instance; when they make requests for more information on your product or business. Or perhaps you want to set up a Free Report Series as a way to catch their email address and Name. If the report is good, often the prospect will pass it on to friends or tell them about your site.

Autoresponders will basically put your business on "auto-pilot" to run itself while you sleep, play and build your business in other ways.

Autoresponders are an excellent way to have your information delivered 24 hours a day, all over the Globe. If you live in the States and someone from Singapore requests your information, they don't have to wait for you to get out of bed to answer their request for information. They get it within Seconds of the Request, while your ad is fresh in their mind and they are in the mood to take a Solid look at your offer.

Let's play "Pretend". You are reading a web page, or maybe browsing some online classified ads. "Hmmmm.....that looks interesting." So, you click on the e-mail address provided, and send a message asking for more info. You feel a little let down, because now you have to wait for the response, so you go on to read more ads. You forget about the ad you just answered.

A couple of days later, you get an e-mail stating that you "requested our info". By now, you've totally forgotten about it, you're too busy, or you have lost interest. *CLICK*!.....Deleted.

You surely don't want this to happen to YOUR potential customers. This is the information age. People want what they want, and they want it NOW. To keep them as customers or prospects, you've got to give it to them. Fax machines, e-mail, fax-on-demand, and .....autoresponders. People who respond by these methods are interested prospects, worthy of Your follow-up. It is up to you to turn them into a customer. BUT - You need to do it while they still have your product on their mind!

Autoresponders are one of the essential tools for online marketing to your customers and prospective customers.

People on the Net are impatient and they want information NOW! This is especially true when we're answering an online ad and requesting more information. A well written online advertisement will touch prospects emotions and elicit a response, requesting more information. When emotions are involved in the mix, it's essential that we online marketers respond with that additional information immediately. With an autoresponder, you can now get your sales material to your prospect and read while they are still "Hot".

Get an autoresponder. In fact, get multiple-letter autoresponders. Add the autoresponder address to your signature file. Post it everywhere. In every ad you place, all over your website, everywhere you can.

Using Autoresponders In The Marketing Two-Step

Many experienced marketers believe the mail order "two-step" method is the most efficient and profitable way for a small business to sell its product or service by mail. To utilize the traditional two-step system, you place small, inexpensive classified ads in various newspapers and magazines.

Step 1: Using a provocative headline and a major benefit of your product or service, your classified ad then asks people to call or write you for additional information.

Step 2: When a person inquires, you then give the inquirer additional information about your product or service... all the major benefits of owning or using it... and ask the caller or writer to buy from you.

Placing small ads in publications, of course, costs you money. It is also expensive to hire someone to answer your telephones and attempt to sell the callers. As you know, sending a sales letter to an inquirer via the postal system can also be very expensive.

Using an autoresponder on the internet takes the mail order two-step method to its ultimate profitable conclusion. You can place your classified ads in hundreds of places to reach millions of hot prospects... advertising absolutely FREE. It costs nothing for a prospect to look at your online advertisement and request more information.

Then, when your prospect inquires, your autoresponder will send your sales letter over the internet to your prospects e-mail-box... all at VERY little cost! Unlike other advertisements that ask for a prospect to send a self address, stamped envelope or possibly $1-$2 for an additional report, it costs nothing to send an e-mail. That significantly increases the response rate giving you the opportunity to take Step 2.

The whole process is infinitely less expensive than off-line. Try it to see if it works for you!

Setting up an autoresponder is not complicated. The EZNetGroup.NET Responder system makes it Really Easy!

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