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Hi, I'm Cheryl Gonzalez. I've been actively marketing online since 1995 and have seen a lot of tools to help people become more efficient. Autoresponders are truly the most Powerful! My goal was to create a service that anyone could afford, that avoided hidden fees and costs and, which provides rich features that allow you to connect with your Customers and the soon-to-be's to build relationships.

I believe that building relationships is imperative in doing business on the Net. In fact, Home Business Magazine published an article I wrote on Networking to Build Relationships. You can check that out on the right hand side link. Keeping your name in front of someone is the best way to do it. Our service is designed to help you do that many different ways.

I've been a home businessowner for over 15 years, and was also a traditional Businessowner for 26 years, prior to that. I wanted to *own my life* because the 90 hour weeks were killing me. I've learned the Power of the net and now enjoy a much shorter work week. Thankfully, I've been married to Vic for 27 years and he puts up with my entrepreneurism...Now he is retired! We live in San Antonio with our 2 dogs.

I want you to know that I offer Very Personalized service because YOU are important to me! I am always happy to answer your questions! I want to Hear your comments and suggestions, and am willing to help you in any way I can. My experience online can be a RICH Resource for you, so take advantage of tapping into the knowledge I have acquired. I'm interested in seeing YOU succeed on the net.

Feel free to contact me in the form that makes you most comfortable.

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Cheryl Gonzalez
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San Antonio, Texas

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