Automating Your Business So YOU Can Spend Time On The Important Things!

Tips for Ease of Use!

We put this document together to help you get your autoresponder system set up smoothly. It covers a few of the MOST Common Questions users have!

1. We have a Video Tutorial that explains each and every feature in your Client Panel. It is very thorough. We have some Very Powerful and Useful features and you will be able to get the most out of them if you are familiar with all aspects of the service.

2. If you are going to use HTML autoresponders, be aware that you Must completely code the email in HTML. We have provided an eBook that is Very good in learning basic HTML. We also have provided 2 Templates for you to use. All is located on the Free Gifts page you received when you signed up.

3. The HTML Templates provided by us can be opened in Notepad, Wordpad (or any similar plain text editor) or in your Favorite HTML editor. We are going to be adding resources and tools to the Gifts page soon to make it even easier! So keep an eye on it.

4. We have tested the HTML autoresponders with all major email programs, such as Eudora, MS Outlook, Pegasus (graphics do not show), Netscape, Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL based programs. They look great!

5. If you need to remove someone from your database, but later want to add them back in starting at a different message number, you can do this using the Import feature Instead of the Add feature. (This can be very useful for several different situations).

6. Our system does NOT allow duplicate email sign-ups in an account.

7. Even on the plain text messages you can use *simple html* for color text, underline, bold, italics, just be sure to save as html, so they don't see the codes in the message.

8. If you decide to create a Confirmation Redirect URL page on your site, you can actually pass the following variables: fname lname and lemail - just ask support if you're not sure on the formatting.

9. If you have any problems, please email Support or phone our Support Department.

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