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Using the EZ AR Form Maker

Here is a great way to collect information on visitors and PERSONALIZE your Response to them. This is so Simple to use it is astounding! You tell it the questions and answers, click a button to create the form, and copy/paste it to your webpage! Extremely EZ!

You can then code your messages to fit to your prospects answers! The Form will ADD the visitor to your AR Series and Fully Personalize the messages! And even Redirect them to any webpage you want.

Below is a sample of a Form we created using the EZ AR Service. Make sure to fill out the questions so you can see how we implemented your answers into the email you will receive. (You Only Get One Message From Us, but it will ask you to Confirm your email before you get it!)

We formatted the html to match the rest of the site for the sake of beauty, but the form that our software creates is very pleasant looking.

Remember, we have a 100% Money-back Guarantee, so You can try us out Risk-FREE.

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